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6 July 1998

Aegis Data Systems and Best4u Internet Services have announced that they will be setting up a testing center for Linux hardware compatibility. It will establish three levels of compatibility for hardware: 1. Designed FOR Linux 2. Works with Linux 3. Compatible with Linux. Presumably, hardware manufacturers will have to submit their wares for certification, so it may take a while for this to catch on, but if there is a recognized certification process, this might allay some corporate execs' fears about Linux deployment. Email sarge@aegisdata.com for more information.

Major PC vendors are cautioning some users not to try to upgrade to Windows 98 due to numerous installation and configuration problems, not to mention the fact that Microsoft tech support can not answer the phone due to the tremendous call volume. Patches and BIOS updates should fix the problems, and will trickle into the market over the next months.

Syndicated columnist and noted computer expert Dave Barry discusses the Windows menace in his latest article.

Researchers at MIT are working on the next generation user interface enhancement - the ability for a machine to detect the user's mood. Though some of the appliactions of this technology cited in the AP article seem dumb (a VCR fast forwarding the boring parts) we would all appreciate seeing more helpful and more polite error messages when we're in a bad mood. Or how about this one: "You seem really upset. I'm going to shut down now so you can go home."

We mistakenly failed to note in the July fourth posting about the Nokia/Ericsson/Psion partnership that Motorola is also involved. See the Symbian web site for more informatioin.

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