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6 March 1998

Be Dope reports on a Microsoft warning about a new virus. Editor's note: This is not true, but it's funny.

An Acorn NC/Set top box article covers some major advancements on that front.

A Businessweek article covers the new Palm III PalmPilot from 3com. A Bootwire article has a picture.

USA Today asks "Is Windows Forever?" As Microsoft insists in front of congress that it is vulnerable to its competition while its competitors claim it's invincible, people are asking if there will ever again be alternatives in the OS world. Java, NCs and Linux are mentioned as possible contenders.

A Macintouch reader clarified some of the confusion surrounding the Teardrop II attack that crashed NT servers around the country. Reports that Linux machines were also affected need to be clarified. The original Teardrop attack did affect Linux, but those Linux systems with a patch against the first one or a new kernel were not suceptible.

Due primarily to the push for lower cost PCs which do not use the latest and greatest processors, Intel is reporting lower-than-expected profits, and competing chip makers AMD and Cyrix are also hurting. This news has sent shockwaves through more technology stocks.

High Tech companies and advocacy groups have launched a coalition called Americans for Consumer Privacy, which will be lobbying congress for a relaxation of export controls on encryption technology, which are hurting the adoption of standards and profitability of encryption for US companies.

Sun Microsystems will finally be releasing the oft-delayed JavaStation Network Computer. The NC will reportedly be released at the end of March.

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