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6 May 1998

Apple Computer made some big announcements today, but they were primarily their hardware strategy. They're developing a 233 MHz G3 consumer machine with a 15" monitor, 32 meg RAM, USB, and 100 base T ethernet for $1299. Steve Jobs reaffirmed that the much-anticipated software and OS strategy will be made clear that the world wide developer conference. Macintouch has full specs of the new machine as well as a link to the c|net realaudio broadcast of the show.

An ABC News article covers the issues surrounding the announcement.

This is Apple's day, so we'll go along. A San Francisco Chronicle article pits the newest Powermac G3 against A Dell running Intel's 400 MHz PII.

Another ABC News article covers Apple's comeback and its fanatic users.

Microsoft announced the release of the Microsoft Windows NT Services for UNIX Add-On Pack, which will allow customers to integrate Windows NT Workstation 4.0 and Windows NT Server 4.0 into existing UNIX environments.

A news.com article covers AltiVec, Mororola's answer to Intel's MMX. Apple should be rolling out the AtiVec-enabled PowerPC processors sometime this year.

Microsoft rolled out plenty of Zombies to predict doom and gloom if the Windows 98 release is delayed. Here's a highlight: postponing the release of Windows 98 "would throw sand into the gears of human progress." Hah!

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