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6 November 1997

An interview with longtime Apple commentator Andy Ihnatko brings up some interesting speculation on what Rhapsody and NCs could offer to the technology world in the near future.

PC Week has a review of Rhapsody that's mostly positive, but notes that the new OS' interface lacks polish. The ability to program in Java and implement software across many platforms, (see the OS News article about this) is being hailed as one of Rhapsody's most compelling features for developers. All in all, the PC Week article is very complete and a must-read for any Rhapsody fan.

Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 4.0 for Solaris (Sun Microsystem's UNIX), marking a historic moment. Microsoft hasn't made a significant software release for UNIX in a long time. This means that they are really chomping at the bit to replace Netscape on the corporate level, since many corporations need UNIX versions of any web browser they are going to deploy company-wide. Look for a review of the new browser, to see how it stacks up to other versions of IE, and to Netscape for Solaris. Our sparc workstation has a burned out monitor, but luckily we have a Solaris for Intel box as a backup. Look for HP-UX, IBM AIX and SGI IRIX versions soon. (What? No Linux or BSDI?)

Speaking of Solaris, Sun has been accused of fudging benchmark tests in order to prove that Solaris runs Java apps "50% faster" than Windows NT. Pendragon Software, maker of the benchmark software CaffeineMark, sent out a press release claiming that Sun figured out how to Optomize Solaris to artificially score higher on benchmark tests.

Well, at least VMS will be year 2000 compliant. Your VAXes are safe, folks.

Rumor has it that Lucent Technologies are speaking. With Lucent's Inferno network OS and Apple/Oracle's Network Computer aspirations, something quite interesting could come from it.

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