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7 April 1998

Salon Magazine has a review of the "Microsoft Extreme" propaganda session that's cynical, highly critical, and a little mean. Just like we like our news here at OS News!

Computer industry executives have approached the Department of Justice, which is continuing its antitrust investigation into Microsoft, with some suggestions for reigning in the monopolistic computer superpower. A highlight: "A dominant operating system should not be used to favor Internet content that is owned, offered by or preferentially licensed to the operating-system vendor."

With this new scrutiny and the stock nosedive that ensued, Microsoft was quick to announce yet again that Windows 98 is right on schedule.

In an open letter to Bill Gates, Windows Magazine Editor Mike Elgan Asks Microsoft Chairman and CEO to Simplify the Windows Operating System, not adding more features to make Windows easier to use, but streamlining it.

A Wired article on Windows CE hints at the fact that the diminutive OS is not currently capable of many of that tasks that the Microsoft bigwigs have promised it for, such as set top box and Auto PC use. It's still too slow, too crash prone, and feature-weak.

Sorry for all the Microsoft news.

A small company named Planet Computing has offered to buy the Newton OS and associated technology from Apple. The deal was so unlikely from the start that it's hardly news, but the excitement and hope that the deal's announcement generated among Newton users and developers has made it extremely newsworthy. The New York Times and MSNBC have covered the story.

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