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Sequent Computer Systems is teaming up with Digital to make a 64 bit UNIX to compete with Windows NT. Digital wants to be able to provide a powerful UNIX OS and provide customers a choice when purchasing DEC workstations. Sun Microsystems was not happy to hear the news. They were courting DEC in the hopes of providing a 64 bit version of its proprietary UNIX variant, Solaris. However, Solaris on Intel Iags behind Sun's version of its OS on its high end Sparc machines.

At Macworld, Microsoft announced and demoed Office 98 for the Mac. The most interesting thing about it is that rather than being a rehash of a Windows program, it's a brand new application that actually passes up the Windows version and offers several features not yet available on Windows.

Philips Consumer Communications announced a new new screen phone, capable of videoconferencing, email, and web browsing, that uses Lucent's Inferno OS.

Salon Magazine has commentary about the notable lack of any mention of Rhapsody in the official Macworld song and dance. Steve Jobs never mentioned it.

Red Hat Linux will be making telephone technical support available, demolishing another barrier to Linux's success as a commercial OS for the corporate world.

An InfoWorld article speculates that, despite the hype, Microsoft will not be able to deliver a significant OS in 1998. According to the article, Windows 98 is being perceived as a patch with an active desktop, and if NT 5.0 is released this year, it will take it six more months of service packs before it is usable.

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