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7 July 1998

Microsoft will be delaying the release of a necessary service pack that many users will need in order to get Windows 98 to work. It is scheduled to be released in September. Meanwhile, The Register is speculating that Microsoft released Windows 98 before it was finished to head off any further legal action. They say, "the fact that Microsoft's programmers have been working on the Service Pack prior to the shipment of 98 itself suggests that Microsoft didn't think it could afford to wait"

Microware has announced the release of a new OS for embedded systems. Called Ariel, it's a variant of their OS-9 real-time operating system. Even though Microware is a big name in embedded systems and the Ariel OS is royalty free, there are a lot of companies vying for dominance in this emerging market.

As we reported months ago, Microsoft had a system in place to "compensate" educators for pushing microsoft products in the classroom. According to a Chronicle of Higher Education story, the payoff drew heavy criticism from far and wide, and the web page announcing the program has been removed, though Microsoft denies that it is discontinuing the program.

A TechWeb article covers Gateway's resurrection of the Amiga and the superiorities of the Amiga platform that prompted such a decision.

Sun Microsystems' lawsuit over Microsoft's alleged violation of its Java license will be postponed, due to an agreement by both parties.

A TechWeb article covers the Avalon supercomputer, which is constructed of 68 off-the-shelf Alpha PCs running Linux. Michael Warren lead designer of the computer, said of Linux, "It's absolutely more robust than Solaris . . . We've had 80 nodes running Linux for two months now and have had only one problem due to disk errors. It offers good performance, we don't have to pay $500 per CPU, and it's got open source code so we can modify things and fix them when they break."

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