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7 May 1998

Funny Funny. Normally stiff conservative senators Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and Slade Gorton (R-WA) were throwing Rolling Stones songs back and forth on the Senate floor. Hatch was poking fun at Microsoft when he suggested that instead of "Start Me Up," the Windows 95 theme song should have been "Under My Thumb." Gorton rebutted that maybe it should be "Satisfaction," since Microsoft, "has been satisfying their customers for 20 years." Savvy readers will recall that Satisfaction is actually, "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction."

A Stepwise editorial points out why being a Windows developer is like being a dentist to a T-Rex. It's not all it's cracked up to be, according to the article. Not surprisingly, the article suggests developing for Rhapsody as the logical alternative.

We've got some good news and some bad news... A ZDNet Infobeads reports on the OSes that ISPs are using. Linux got 26%, and NT got 50%. As with all ISP surveys, some of which have placed even Mac OS servers above NT, we'd like to examine their methodology and survey sample.

A Slashdot.org editorial covers an important development: as Linux becomes more mainstream a larger majority of users are incapable of lending a hand in development. That means that the existing developers will have to shoulder a greater percentage of the burden.

This whole TCI/WindowsCE/Java thing is getting more confusing every minute. It now appears that the upcoming TCI set top boxes will run the Windows CE operating system (at least some of them will) but will use Java as the development environment.

If yesterday's iMac announcement from Apple caught your attention, an anonymous reader sent in these specs for other upcoming Apple hardware products. OS News can't vouch for their authenticity, but we can only hope...

New Laptop

Name: G3 Express
HD: 3.5Gig
Ram: 24-38MB
Processor: G3 285 (also listed was a G3 412Mhz, but this was marked for 
Cache: 512K
Screen: 14.6 inch
Other: 20x CD, 33.6 modem, Infra red send and receive.
Software: Apple Works (Claris Works), Loads of educational s/w; learn to speak French/Spanish.
Price: $2199.99 (only available for education)

New Macs

Name: Power Mac 5900/G3 and 7900/G3 (both built in 15 inch monitors)
HD: 2.8Gig and 4Gig
Ram: 24MB and 38MB
Processor G3 (740) 292Mhz and G3 (750) 300Mhz
CD: x24
Modem: none and 56.6kbs
PCI: x2
Software: Apple Works, a pack of ten games including Quake and 
Doom, Groller Encyclopedia.
Price $799.99 and $999.99

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