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8 January 1998

Henry Norr at Macintouch has a review of Be's presence at Macworld SF, including some interesting software that's being displayed, like a Mac emulator and a productivity suite from the makers of Claris Works.

According to a Tech Web article, the absence of official mention of Rhapsody is fine with Rhapsody developers at the Macworld show. It is noted that the Rhapsody developer communtity is alive and well, but until Rhapsody is ready to go and released, hype about it could create unrealistic expectations. The disaster with Copland, Apple's much hyped failed OS project, serves as a lesson to them.

Quake is being ported to the Amiga and a PowerPC version of the RC5-64 client for the Amiga is now available.

A PC Week article talks about Sun Microsystems' new "low cost" workstations and the delays in releasing their JavaStation NCs.

The Rhapsody Resource's Developer Corner has a new article about Joy, an application development tool.

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