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8 May 1998

IBM will be introducing a new OS/2 Warp server early next year, aimed at entry level electronic commerce.

The Amiga world is planning a big announcement at the World of Amiga show in London.

A ZDNet OSuser article talks about the imperative for a "tractor application" for the Be OS (or any alternative OS, for that matter) that is different and better enough to warrant its use by the mainstream computer user. A better OS is great, but for it to move out of the hobbyist arena there must be at least one application that takes advantage of its superiority to such an extent that it justifies a hard drive partition and reboot to use it.

Slashdot.org reported on a Corel announcement that they will be porting all their applications to Linux and will be releasing the source code for the special version of Linux that their NetWinder NC uses. The NetWinder, which has been in development for a while, uses a StrongARM chip. See Corel's web page for more info on the NetWinder. This may end up being an even bigger boost to Linux than Netscape's newfound love affair. The Corel Office suite my bring Linux the credibility that it needs in the corporate arena.

In today's "Ha Ha" file: Hotmail, the free email service recently acquired by Microsoft for $400 Million, was supposed to move its operations over from Unix to Windows NT, according to official mandate from their new boss. Well, according to a news.com article, they still haven't made the move, they're still running on Solaris, and will remain that way for quite a while. Apparently, no matter what they tried, Microsoft engineers couldn't get NT to scale enough to support so many users (about 10 million). Hotmail's CEO, of course, denies it all (he likes his job) and insists that Hotmail uses a mix of Unix and NT. I'm sure every desktop in the joint is running NT, but not their servers.

Read what Silicon Valley's resident loudmouth, Oracle's Larry Ellison, has to say about Unix vs. NT, Merced, Network Computers, Microsoft, Apple and Steve Jobs.

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