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9 April 1998

Yesterday, NPR's All Things Considered featured a story on Linux. They interviewed Linux's founder as well as several users who swear by the OS. The point is made that the main reason Linux came into being was to prove to large companies that operating systems do not have to be a propriatarily owned and controlled by a single company in order to be a viable technology. For those who have been looking for a nice intro to what Linux is all about, this is a great primer. Listen to the story in Real Audio.

The much-ballyhooed HP decision to code its own version of Java might be rescinded, as HP and Sun are in talks to make the two versions identical, reigning in what could have been the first in a movement away from Sun's "write once run anywhere" utopia.

Slashdot.org points out a fun article at Caldera's web site which pits OpenLinux against NT. Here are the "surprize" findings: "An unexpected result was that the OpenLinux server performed well with 16 Meg of RAM. In contrast the NT server was not even able to load and run the FastTrack server in the 16 Meg configuration. Two tests were run: Static and CGI keep-alive. Overall the FastTrack Server running on OpenLinux showed superior scalability and better performance at higher client loads."

Also from Slashdot, for those real nerds in the audience, there's a fascinating interview with Larry Wall, creator of the Perl programming language, in TechWeb. He talks about free software, Netscape, Linux, Java.

3Com has forced Microsoft to abandon the "PalmPC" name for its upcoming PalmPilot rip-off.

MacWeek reviews Dave and PC MacLan, two products for integrating Macs and PCs on one network.

Oracle spinoff Network Computer, Inc. is developing an Intel-based set top box "capable of sending both digital television programming and computer-based content to the family television set."

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