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9 December 1997

In a PC Week opinion, Eamonn Sullivan argues that Internet commerce would grow faster if on-line credit card payments were as easy as HTML editing.

Deja News, which announced on Monday that it would be filtering spam from its archives of Usenet postings, was in turn continuously pinged Monday afternoon by disgruntled spammers. [ZDNNews]

Oracle's stock took a nose dive today, falling more than $9 to $22.94 with the announcement that sales were down. PC Week has more.

Yes, it's starting to wind towards the holiday season, but before we turn on backs on Halloween, be sure to check out one of the strangest web sites I've ever come across. Cornell University's library is sponsoring Pumpkin Watch, a site dedicated to observing the status of a pumpkin which mysteriously appeared atop a tower shortly before Halloween. It's been there ever since because the removal of the pumpkin was deemed too dangerous. (Hint: Visit the site in the daytime, as the real-time image is dark at night.) We're not sure what this has to do with the operating system's you and I will be using in the future, but it's certainly newsworthy.

Our latest article is a report from the Comdex computer trade show. It's not a friendly environment for alternative operating systems, but we found some gems.

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