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9 February 1998

Reuters reports on Silicon Graphics' plans to release NT-based workstations this year. SGI hopes that this new strategy will return them to profitability. For the meanwhile, they envision a mixed Unix and NT world.

Stepwise has a strong editorial about the sensationalistic recent TechWeb article entitled "Rhapsody Relegated To Server-Side OS", which misrepresents an Apple official's comments, saying "Apple denies it ever intended to make Rhapsody a client OS". Not true, counters Stepwise. This is a must read for any Rhapsody aficionado.

Also at Stepwise, several new articles and editorials: "Objective-C Posing and Categories in Rhapsody Development," "Bohemian Rhapsody," and "Is Apple Marketing Thinking Different?"

Berkeley Software Design, Inc. (BSDI) is announcing availability of the BSDI Embedded Systems Technology (BEST). BEST is an embedded systems version of the powerful Unix BSD/OS.

Microsoft patched a Windows NT security hole that could give an intruder access to protected files.

An Information Week survey suggest that corporate IT managers are lukewarm to the idea of Windows integration with a web browser. Microsoft, in response to such sentiment, has brought its internet browser business unit into the same group as its Windows operating system, flying in the face of not only user sentiment, but the Justice Department's antitrust movements as well.

Bill Gates, proving that he has his finger on the pulse of the industry, proclaimed that no noe is serouusly suggesting that Microsoft be broken up, antitrust-style.

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