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9 July 1998

News.com reports that Microsoft is suffering because people are starting to catch on that it will be a long time before all the highly touted enterprise features in Windows NT 5.0 will see the light of day. Even when NT 5.0 does ship, it's common knowledge that several service pack releases will be necessary before NT is ready for mission critical applications. Recent experiences with Windows 98 prove it.

A Slashdot.org reader wrote in to report that Digital (Compaq) will be rolling out a "Linux ready" Alpha server with no OS preinstalled. This rumor is still unconfirmed, but could be the beginning of a new trend in the server market.

Slashdot.org is reporting on a peculiar Windows 98 problem. Win98's Save to Disk feature allows you to save your portable computer's state to the disk then turn it off, saving power. However, with Win98, Microsoft changed the partition behavior, so if you have another OS on a partition, Linux, BeOS, or any other OS using LILO, it will corrupt your alternate OS's partition. Coincidence?

Sun Microsystems has expanded its Java license complaints against Microsoft. Sun now claims that Microsoft has also omitted a so-called Java native interface, or JNI, as well as a remote method invocation, features that help developers write Java code.

A Reuters article reports that 3com is planning changes to its PalmPilot products to make them more appealing to businesses. Among other strategies, 3Com was considering joining the Symbian consortium, which was set up last month to exploit Psion Plc's EPOC software in wireless mobile devices. 3com will also strive to make their devices more powerful. The two creators of the PalmPilot left 3com to start their own company, which will produce palmtop devices as well. 3com states that they will be licensing the Palm OS.

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