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9 March 1998

A very informal survey with the aim to determine the most loved computing platform measured the number of times AltaVista was used to search for the name of a platform followed by the words "sucks" and "rules". The results? Amiga wins out big, with 173 "rules" and only two "sucks". It's not scientific, but it's fun. It's a little confusing, but the results are divided into OS and platform. Also see the OS sucks-0-meter. The big loser there? Windows Sucks, with 582.

Tapped has a review of the new Palm III from 3com. According to the review, the Palm III has been improved overall, but the improvements are not earth shattering.

Ralph Nader's consumer advocacy group has been sending out letters to PC manufacturers like Compaq and Dell asking them to offer consumers PCs with non-Microsoft operating systems installed on them or dual-boot machines with two OSes. Nader suggests Linux, Caldera OpenDOS or Rhapsody.

The Rhapsody OS Report #6 is out.

MacRelations has an editorial about the death of Newton which brings up just why it's so sad, especially in the light of the possibility of a MacOS-based palmtop. It's the latest in a growing trend of homogenization in the computer industry. NewtonOS was axed not because it was bad, but because it was different from Apple's core product, the MacOS.

The archetypal hacker has re-entered the public consiousness, due primarily to the Wargames-like attack on Pentagon computers that government officials believe could be part of an organized campaign.

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