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9 September 1998

So how satisfied are all the people who rushed out to upgrade to Windows 98? Microsoft says that 90% of them are happy. Mathmeticians in the OS News Labs have determined that this means that 10% are not happy.

Jesse Berst has published a "guide to alternative operating systems" which starts out by saying that everyone will be using Windows NT 5.0 pretty soon anyway so why bother. Editor's note: This is not surprising as Berst has never been known to pass up an opportunity to fawn over Microsoft.

A news.com "developing story" reports that Sun Microsystems is making its Solaris servers more compatible with Windows, including, " native Windows NT services, a new add-in card designed to let users of Sun's Ultra workstations to run Windows and DOS applications, and a project to link the entire line of Sun StorEdge network storage arrays and tape libraries to Microsoft Windows NT environments." More in an official Sun press release.

An Industry Standard article quotes several analysts who note that Oracle's recent move to ally with several major Linux vendors is more of a "thumbing the nose" at Microsoft than anything else. They are still not sold on Linux's long term viability in the enterprise, despite the Oracle announcement.

Comdex promoters have announced that there will be an industry forum at the COMDEX/Enterprise show today in which Linux bigwigs will discuss the future of Linux in the enterprise.

You can no officially get servers from Dell preinstalled with Linux, but you need to be ordering in quantity.

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