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Letters to the Editor


4 April 2001

An Anchordesk article gives a brief overview of the exciting (but not ready for prime time) new operating systems for 2001.

Amiga Inc announced a partnership with Sharp in which Amiga will develop content for upcoming Linux-based Sharp handheld computing devices.

15 March 2001

Stanislav Kelman has written an article entitled "The BeBox Circa 2001" that remembers the BeBox (The hardware that Be produced in times of yore) and details how to build a state of the art, though inexpensive, modern day equivalent to run the Be OS.

Sony says that instead of developing a handheld game platform to compete with Nintendo's new Game Boy, it will focus its efforts on developing a mobile-phone-based game platform.

Transmeta has release Midori Linux, its linux distribution for small devices.

12 March 2001

After spending six months with Windows ME and based upon e-mails and letters from their readers, WinMag.com is recommending not using Windows ME. They say: "Officially, Winmag.com thinks opting for Windows Me is a mistake in any situation."

6 March 2001

Linux is showing up all over the place. ZDNet is reporting that Toshiba has announced a Linux server appliance, Sharp has announced a Linux-based PDA and HP may offer Linux on Jornada.

Daemon News has Joe Warner's story of installing FreeBSD in a Microsoft office.

Reminder: If you have any systems running Linux, check to verify that your system has the latest security updates. One of the OS News staff's home PC, running RedHat Linux 6.2, was compromised via the rpc.statd exploit over a dial-up modem connection. Check the CERT site for the latest security alerts on all popular operating systems. They also have instructions on detection and recovery from compromises.

19 February 2001

Psion has announced that Siemens will be using the Symbian OS in future mobile phones.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is launching smart phone software, code-named Stinger, later this year. The Microsoft phone software will be based on the Pocket PC OS. Several mobile phone manufacturers have already lined up to release products running the new system.

Sharp will be releasing a line of its Zaurus PDAs that run Linux. The Zaurus is very popular in Japan, where it is planned to continue running Sharp's OS, but future overseas models will run Linux.

The NSA has warned that it's falling behind in Information Technology development. The spread of encryption and the sheer volume of data to eavesdrop on is blamed for the NSA's troubles.

14 February 2001

Hendrik Tews and colleagues have written an introduction to the VFiasco project, which aims at a formally verified and high-level security-certified microkernel. It can be downloaded from a link on the Fiasco web page.

9 February 2001

Dr. Dobb's Journal has a report on a roundtable at the recent USENIX Security Symposium. The panelists discuss OS security and compare the BSD's and Linux.

And there is yet another comparison of FreeBSD and Linux for running a server in this Byte article.

2 February 2001

O'Reilley has launched ONLamp, a site promoting and discussing integrated use of Linux, Apache, MySQL and the Perl, PHP, and Python Scripting Languages (LAMP).

1 February 2001

VMWare has teamed up with the National Security Agency to create a system which runs multiple virtual computers under Linux, in order to keep secure data isolated from public data, according to these articles on ZDNet and CNet.

Scot Hacker, in his The Be View at Byte.com, talks about the devices using BeIA at the Consumer Electronics Show.

22 January 2001

This article from The Register speculates that Microsoft may make a "metaphor shift" in a future version of Windows that has rooms of 3D windows instead of a desktop of 2D icons.

And following up on the Whistler Anti-Piracy issue,The Registerspoke with Allan Nieman, Microsoft product manager, licensing technology group. He said that product activation won't be linked to registration and once it's activated it will be a completely stand alone product that won't "phone home".

19 January 2001

There are many articles about the new Sony eVilla which uses BeIA as it's OS, there is a list in the latest issue of "The BMessage". In IA Zone's review of the CES show, Ragnar Danneskjold says that he has "gone from being a vocal skeptic to being very confident in Be's chances".

18 January 2001

Slashdot has this Q and A with Robert Watson, FreeBSD and TrustedBSD developer, where he answers questions about Apple and Open Source, TrustedBSD vs. the NSA's Secure Linux, the file and virtual memory systems in FreeBSD, and several other topics.

17 January 2001

CNet is reporting that IBM has been chosen by the National Center for Supercomputing Applications to build a supercomputer that runs Linux. The machine will perform 2 trillion calculations per second, which will rank in the top five supercomputers in the world.

After Microsoft's announcement of the anti-piracy code in Whistler last week, this CNet article says some people are wondering if anti-piracy measures have gone too far. And The Register is reporting that the Financial Times Deutschland quoted Tomas Jensen, a spokesman for Microsoft Germany as saying that Germany may be free of the copy protection scheme. But then later said that what he told them was "just that no decision had been made, and that Germany was a critical market for Microsoft".

12 January 2001

Both CNet and ZDNet have articles on the new Anti-Piracy feature in Microsoft's Whistler. Judging from some of the comments in CNet's "What's Your Take?" section not everyone is thrilled with the idea.

ZDNet also has an article on how Metrowerks is easing the transition to OS X for third party developers. Matt Henderson of Metrowerks said that "The transition to OS X is less painful than we thought it'd be", but that the Aqua user interface did introduce some problems.

9 January 2001

Cnet is reporting on the new Sony eVilla(TM) Internet device which uses BeIA under the hood. An article in The Register also talks about HARP, Be's reference platform for a web enabled hi-fi audio device.

WinInfo has info on the new Whistler build. One of the new features is it's anti-piracy mechanism which prevents an identification code from being installed on more than one machine.

David Gelernter has written a manifesto about the future of computing and the web. He says the operating system will be as insignificant to the user as the "voltage level of a bit in memory".

8 January 2001

Cnet news has several articles about the release of the Linux 2.4 kernel, a Q&A with Linus Torvalds, the commercial Linux distributors are testing it, and PC makers are waiting for the Linux distributors to incorporate it.

29 December 2000

Upside has an enlightening look back at how the year 2000 treated the "Linux industry," with a month-by-month look at the ups and downs of Linux companies and the adoption of Linux by non-Linux companies.

Wired also has a Look-back-on-2000 piece. It's the Vaporware 2000 Awards, celebrating the most vaporous products of the past year. Released products, no matter how pathetic, are disqualified from competition. The winner: Mac OS X! Windows 2000 was the big winner of 1999's competition.

22 December 2000

In Scot Hacker's Byte.com column he talks about Be's Aura, a MP3 Home Stereo device that uses BeIA (BeOS) for playing audio files of many varieties, Audio CD's, CD-R's with MP3's, MP3's from the internet like MP3.com, internet radio stations, record compilation CD's, rip CD's into MP3's, and the list goes on and on.

21 December 2000

A few days ago this article in The Register about Microsoft pushing more businesses to Windows 2000, by eliminating volume discounts on Windows 9x and Windows ME. They asked the question of "How do you load Windows 98 on a legacy-free PC" which won't boot from a floppy. This follow-up outlines some of the readers suggestions, talks about anti-piracy and recovery.

18 December 2000

ZD Net is reporting that Microsoft has released the first beta of their new Whistler Embedded product. Whereas Windows CE is aimed at small footprint devices, Windows NT Embedded/Whistler Embedded are more "resource-intensive" and are aimed at systems that require the whole Windows 32 API and full networking capabilities.

13 December 2000

Palm released a beta of its new OS yesterday, Palm 4.0. Some of the highlights: 16 bit color support, Bluetooth, USB connections to PCs, and wireless telephony. The Cnet artilce also notes that Palm is in the middle of switching from Dragonball processors to more powerful ARM processors.

Sun Microsystems is proudly proclaiming its dominance in the Unix workstation and server market. IDC recently reported that Sun has a 63% share in the Unix workstation market. (Linux workstations were not counted)

Widcomm is shipping a Bluetooth development kit for Visor handhelds.

Most US households now own a mobile phone. A recent Dataquest study finds that 51% of US households are wireless-enabled now. And that number is sure to grow, further changing the way we communicate.

IBM Chairman Louis Gertner has pledged that IBM will be making a $1 billion investment in Linux, betting that the upstart OS will displace both proprietary Unixes and Windows NT for business applications.

11 December 2000

ZD Net is reporting that the Linux 2.4 kernel is still on track for a December release.

7 December 2000

TDK is working on long range Bluetooth wireless networking, with a range on par with 802.11b wireless networking but with less power usage.

Hitachi has started shipping a Linux/Crusoe-based tablet device in Japan, and plans to make it availabe in the US eventually.

5 December 2000

The register reported yesterday that Sun is releasing the Solaris source code, but it's neither open or free. There is also a Windows Woundup (a roundup of Windows news on the Web), including the news that the Office 2000 SP2 has been released and a link to this WinMag article which says that since you will eventually (?) be using Whistler you should convert to Windows 2000 now to make the transistion easier.

4 December 2000

Jordan Hubbard, one of the founders of the FreeBSD project, reviews Apple's OS X in this Salon article. He says that OS X offers the prospect of a "'real OS' with 'real applications'".

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