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David Adams - Editor-in-Chief, Technical Editor

A longtime Mac user and, ironically, a former editor of Win95 Magazine. He's also an interface designer and head of product development at ICentral, Inc. ICentral makes ShopSite, a popular UNIX server-based web site creation software package.

Beth Rodgers - Managing Editor/Advertising Account Manager

The glue that holds OS News together, Beth has consulted with companies like UPS, Franklin Covey Company, and several high tech startups to help them translate their bright ideas into sound business plans and marketable products. The least computer-geeky of the bunch, Beth also helps her OS News colleagues write so that normal people can understand.

Jeff Windsor -Research Editor

An enigma of a man, Jeff struggles every day with an internal battle. He wishes to forsake the material world and feed his family by fishing in the Montana wilderness, but wonders what he'll do when his laptop battery wears out. A lover of technology and typography, Jeff designs UNIX software and dabbles in just about everything.

Bruce Christy - Art Director

Creator of the OS News look, Bruce loves nothing more than pure computing power. Anything that takes an extra few seconds off a Photoshop filter is worth it in his book.

Jason Archibald - Contributing Editor

Weaned on DOS, Jason had been coveting the Mac OS since it appeared in 1984. With the purchase of an SE/30 in 1989, he became involved in music production and subsequently forsook the IBM world. He now works as a lab technician and a network administrator for Virion Systens, Inc., a biotechnology and vaccine developer.

Jon Ebbert - Contributing Editor

A longtime Windows user who oft thumbed his nose at his Macintosh-using colleagues, he has been caught of late furtively pricing G3 Macs. When not writing articles and berating the rest of the staff, he pursues a masters degree in English.

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