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How to submit articles to OS News


Submissions to OS News will gladly be accepted providing they comply with the following style. The categories of articles and stories that are commonly published are:

Feature articles

Exploring a current news story
Introducing a new or noteworthy OS or technology
Opinion or editorial pieces
"OS Encyclopedia" entries
"Renaissance Geek" stories
Developer materials
Hardware reviews
Software reviews
Letters to the editor

OS News is written to be accessible to the average computer aficionado. Technological depth and jargon used in articles can therefore be more extensive than a newspaper or news magazine article, but especially esoteric jargon should be defined in the glossary. For example, the term "GUI" would not necessarily need to be defined at all, while the term "distribution" in regard to a release of the Linux OS should be defined intertextually (a collection of Linux utilities with the kernel). A term like API (Application Programming Interface) should be defined and explained in the OS News glossary. Glossary additions can be appended at the end of an article submitted to OS News.

Since OS News is exclusively an internet-based publication, articles should be submitted in a manner that makes it easy to publish it on the web. Paragraphs should be separated by a space with the <p> tag. Links to outside resources or other articles should be included in html code. Included photos or artwork should be included in jpeg or gif format, and should generally not be wider than 350 pixels, unless the image is a screen shot or other diagram that must be large to be legible. If this is the case, a smaller sized thumbnail image should be included. Images should be placed in the document with html code. Articles with images are worth more to us than those without.

Articles should be submitted in plain text format with no smart quotes, em dashes or other non-ascii characters. If you would like to include a special character, please submit it in HTML code. Please do not submit articles in any word processor format. Graphics should be submitted in gif or jpeg format at 72 dpi. Please make every effort to reduce the size of your images by reducing the color palette.

Ideally, articles should be easy to read and personal. Humor is always nice, and a little sarcasm can't hurt. Photos or illustrations should be included whenever possible. Writing in the first person is usually appropriate, and an overly formal style is discouraged.

Nevertheless, OS News is not Usenet; Capitalization, punctuation, and spelling are required. Acronyms like IMHO and ROTFL are generally not appropriate in articles (though in forum postings and letters to the editor they may be perfect). Some internet shortcuts have become so common or are so universally useful that they might be necessary under some circumstances, like the emoticon :-), but please use restraint.

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