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Being a Newshound

Submitting News Items to OS News


The OS News editorial staff spends hours each day scouring online and print sources for OS-related news each day. However, it is simply not possible for us to cover every nook and cranny of the internet. We need your help. We would like to print the following types of news:

OS-related events
Product releases
Lawsuits and litigation
Well substantiated rumors
New OSes
OS-related press releases

We also link to articles from other online news sources. If you know of any OS-related resource on any web site, let us know about it. Also, if you regularly read other web sites to find information about a specific OS, or for OS News in general, let us know about it.

The Hook

We really appreciate hearing from our readers. We especially appreciate it when they help us do our jobs. Each month we will pick someone at random from our pool of helpers and send them a gift. It will be some new software, a small hardware item, or a promotional item like a T-shirt or mug. It might be a package of several items -- and OS news stickers.

Send any news items to scoop@osnews.com. We reserve the right to edit submissions for content and clarity. If the item originated from you (it isn't a reference to someone else's work) we will give you credit when we report it.

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